Easy Halloween Decor from Hatchett Creative Group

I’m excited to introduce you to two ladies I love: Amber and Darlene Hatchett of Hatchett Creative Group.

These two creative women – one an amazing jewelry designer, the other a reclaimed wood decor and denim upcycling expert – produce fashion shows, create window displays, and provide pieces for major brands and actresses (any Walking Dead fans out there?) across the United States. And now, they’re here! Writing for Leaves and Beards.

Both Amber and Darlene will be contributing pieces to Leaves and Beards over the coming months, providing you with easy and affordable how-to’s, DIY projects, home decor items, and much more. I’m so excited to partner with them!

Today’s post is from the creative mind of Darlene. I hope you enjoy!

The Fall season offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for pumpkins. Your local Farmers Market is a great place to shop for seasonal decorating. When choosing your pumpkin, be sure it has a substantial stem.

Materials needed…

  • 1-1/2 yds. black tulle
  • 2 concrete urns or any decorative containers
  • Faux leaves from garland
  • Black spray paint
  • Black crow – 4 lg.
  • Bag of small plastic snakes
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Wire
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

Easy Halloween Decor

  1. Line the rim of the urns/containers with black tulle. Do a dry run before cutting the tulle. Leave a little excess to stuff down in the container for a better hold.
  2. Place pumpkins on top of the tulle lined container. Adjust tulle as needed.
  3. Spray paint 4-5 leaves and 1 small snake
  4. Wire crow’s feet together leaving a small amount of excess wire at the start of the wrap to stick down in the stem and enough excess at the end of the wrap to secure around the stem of the pumpkin.
  5. Select a crow with a good size beak. This will make attaching the snake a little easier. 3 ways to attach the snake are hot glue, wire, or cut a slit in the beak for the snake to slide down in. You decide which works best for you.
  6. Hot glue black leaves to the stem base of the pumpkins. 2 leaves on the smaller pumpkin and 2-3 leaves on the larger one.

Easy HAlloween Decor

Now…let’s make a snake wreath!

  1. Select any size grapevine wreath to coordinate with your pumpkins. I used a 19” wreath. You can use a smaller one depending on the size of your containers, pumpkins, and where you decide to display your Halloween setup.
  2. Spray paint the wreath and snakes.
  3. After they’ve dried, weave the snakes into your wreath.
  4. Touch up paint job where needed.
  5. Wrap wire around the wreath branch in the back. Put a screw in the center top portion of your window. Extend the wire and wrap around the screw. Adjust to the desired position.

Easy Halloween Decor - Black Snake Wreath

Once Halloween is over, remove the black leaves, crow, and tulle to use the pumpkins in your Thanksgiving décor.


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