Halloween Chalkboard Art from Hatchett Creative Group

Amber from Hatchett Creative Group is back! Check out this great tutorial for a Halloween chalkboard to help you get ready for fun weekend!

Halloween Chalkboard Art

Quick tips for creating chalkboard art…

1. Sketch out your design first.

Halloween Chalkboard Art

2. Use Crayola or Rose Art chalk sticks or Bistro chalk pens.

3. Mark where each word/letter and drawing will be placed before beginning your chalkboard art.

Halloween Chalkboard Art

4. When it comes to lettering, it always helps me to see it and then draw it on the chalkboard. I use www.dafont.com to help me with this. You can type everything in and preview it without downloading anything. For perfect lettering…print out your wording. Flip the paper over. Rub chalk on the back. Place chalk side down on the chalkboard where wording is to be positioned. Now outline with a pen or pencil. Lift up the paper to find the lettering transferred onto chalkboard. Fill in with chalk or chalk marker. Clean away excess chalk. Stencils can be used as well.

Halloween Chalkboard Art

5. The “perfect lettering” tip can also be used for images. Google images is a great resource for a huge selection of images. If you need an image enlarged, take it to your nearest printing or office supply business with your measurements.

6. Use a pencil sharpener to sharpen to tip of the chalk when needing to draw thin lines. Break the chalk in pieces of desired thickness and turn it on the side to draw thick lines.

7. Use a damp cloth to erase larger mistakes. Use a small paint brush or a q-tip dipped in water to clear away smudges.

Halloween Chalkboard Art


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